I want to take this opportunity to ask for your help because I am facing a true hair emergency. I’ve been using the same shampoo for the past 6 years. Before I found Fresh Milk & Rose shampoo my hair always looked like a tangled mess, but once I started using it my hair became […]


Wanted to start by saying that our hearts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy, Emil and I cannot begin to imagine the devastation and incredible loses suffered as a result of this storm. Our thoughts are with you, and we pray for your safety and quick recovery. Felt like taking on the classic […]


So excited to team up with ever so amazing True Religion to showcase some of my favorite pieces from their current collection! After some consideration, I mean what do you do when you like, um… everything, I decided on these awesome suede pants and gray shawl cardigan. Super soft, warm and fuzzy sweaters are definitely […]


Good morning and happy almost weekend, Everyone! Whenever I get restless ( and with Fashion Week approaching fast, I’ve been getting restless quite a bit lately ), feel tired, uninspired or under the weather, Emil and I head straight to Santa Monica, get a cup of tea or coffee and just sit on the beach […]


Ah, LA weather… I swear, it’s the most unpredictable thing ever! I remember freezing in Malibu mid August a few years ago and tanning in November the following year! By now, I’ve accepted the fact that you have to expect the unexpected and even though it felt like I’d be spending the entire winter wearing […]


I love fall in LA! While the temperatures definitely drop, it’s warm enough to get away with bare legs yet just cool enough to start wearing sweaters! Knowing full well that this weather may not last long, I’m taking full advantage by wearing all my favorite minis and chunky sweaters! Today’s look is comprised entirely […]